EasyAntiInsult is a system which detects types of wrong chat behavior.

  • Anti Insults
  • Anti advertise
  • Spam
  • Unicode Chars *
  • Caps lock


  • Supports 1.8.x – 1.12.x
  • Chat clear
  • Slow chat (player without permissions can only send every x seconds a message)
  • Auto punish
  • Notify team member
  • 6 types of visualization¬†(send a Chat message, send Title, send ActionBar message, play Sound, Damage player, Kick player)
  • 3 Insult Modes (Replace – replace the insult to a good word, Custom – set custom words in a config, Database – use the growing databases wich includes insults)
  • Everything is in the config customizable
  • Fast, friendly and good support
  • Interactions with the user
  • Update noticer
  • Regular updates
  • Tab completer

* Unicode chars are special chars like a heart for example. Also if somebody uses another font which didn’t get detected by the other modules.