V2.1.3 – 27.10.2019


  • Added Icon Series Rarity
  • DiscordBots.org is now top.gg
  • Improved detection of new Shops (when Shop change during the day trough a update)

User Commands

  • Optimized Stats(V2) Image
  • Added Server ID and Premium Info !fn premium
  • Added !fn settings access for Member with Manage Server Permissions
  • Improved look of Help and Info Message
  • Improved Lookup for Console Names
  • Updated Drop locations in !fn drop


  • Added Turkish by BFF DtGurkan#6820


  • Fixed Bug that challenge images not appear
  • Fixed Bug that Shop is sent twice
  • Fixed Bug that a empty shop is send
  • Fixed Bug that Stats Command not work when a game was played in Season 1 Chapter 1

Time of development for this Update: ~7h

V2.1.2 – 23.09.2019


  • Added Dark and DC Rarity

User Commands

  • Added Welcome to Gotham City Challenges in !fn challenge
  • Updated Locations in !fn drop
  • Improved performance of !fn info. It’s needs now 1s instead of 7s
  • Improved Cooldown Managing. It is now not bypassable


  • Added missing Spanish translations by Albertocep799#2785


  • Fixed Bug that the bot rarily stucked which delay Shop, Challenges or Server Status
  • Fixed Bug that @everyone can’t be used as Mention Role
  • Fixed Bug that Custom Shop Images are not sent
  • Fixed Bug that Premium Users can’t use some Premium only commands because they where declared as LITE user
  • Fixed Bug that the bot is not able to start, because the Fortnite Data Source Authentications was deprecated
  • Fixed Bug that the fallback bot doesn’t respond (Fallback Bot = Bot which answer if the normal bot restarts or is offline)

Time of development for this Update: ~7h

V2.1.1 – 01.09.2019

User Commands

  • Added alias !fn setup for !fn settings


  • Implemented Premium LITE


  • Fixed Bug that Challenges are sent multiple times
  • Fixed Bug that !fn challenge result in an error
  • Fixed Bug that wrong challenge message gets updated
  • Fixed a bug that the Epic Games servers were displayed as offline, even though the account was private in Stats Command
  • Fixed Bug that errors occur when the Server Status information is offline

Time of development for this Update: ~4h

V2.1.0 – 20.08.2019

  • Added Message when a User Vote
  • Published Shop Website https://shop.luc1412.de
  • Improved the way of updating the bot. More updates are now possible without a restart
  • Added Bot to Divine Botlist (https://divinediscordbots.com/bot/444203099331231746)
  • Made several improvments to update the bot without a restart

User Commands

  • Added Support for new Shop in !fn shop
  • Added Final Showdown Event in !fn event
  • Added Switch(Normal/Prestige) to Challenges in !fn challenge
  • Changed !fn stats-infoto a FAQ
  • Added loading text to the ping message in !fn info to prevent long Loading Times
  • Added AutoChannel Recipients Stats to !fn info
  • Added Permissions Check for Auto Channel Setup
  • Updated Map in !fn map
  • Updated locations in !fn rdm
  • Removed 14 Days of Summer Channels from !fn challenges
  • Removed Fortbytes from !fn challenges


  • Added support for Shop Background
  • Added Support for Creator Code in Shop
  • Added 2x lower Cooldown


    • Fixed a bug which occur when using the Stats or Linking Command while the Epic Games Server have a problem
    • Fixed bug that a error message occur when Epic Games Services have problems
    • Fixed Bug that no Instagram Posts are sent
    • Fixed bug that Auto Channel hint doesn’t appear
    • Fixed several Bugs which crash the bot on Shop reset

    Time of development for this Update: ~53h

    V2.0.1 – 26.06.2019

    User Commands

    • Added 14 Days of Summer Channels to !fn challenge


    • Added Danish by NoisyFish#0001


    • Fixed bot crashes

    Time of development for this Update: ~15h

    V2.0.0 – 13.04.2019

    • Updated Bot Icon to a more modern version
    • Added Social Media Accounts Instagram and Twitter
    • Updated Maps
    • Updated Welcome Message (Message to server owner if the bot was added)
    • Added Rarity „Marvel“ in the Shop image
    User Commands
    • Updated Normal Stats Command to Stats V2
    • Added check for private/banned/no game played in all Stats Commands
    • Added !fn old Stats Command for old Stats V1
    • Added !fortnite and !efs as alias
    • Added !fn stats-info Command to see how the stats are calculated
    • Changed !fn rdm name to !fn drop
      • Removed !fn rdm locbecause it was too much effort for only a few user
    • Updated !fn eventCommand by adding all events with replay and date
    • Added !fn events as alias for !fn event
    • Added help images for Fortbytes in !fn challenge
    • Added hint when using Commands of other Stats Bots if the bot is not on the server
    • Improved Vote Status in !fn vote
    Auto Broadcasting
    • Added Custom Support a Creator Code Ads in the Shop Message and !fn shop Command for Premium User
    • Improved sending speed from Daily Shop, Challenges, Server Status up to 1200%
    • Renamed Store to Item Shop in the Auto Status and !fn status
    • Improved Language System in Case that a Language is not fully translated
      • Languages which are not fully translated are no longer blocked, instead, all untranslated Strings are English
    • Fixed some typos and problems with replacement
    • Fixed Bug that in some cases the bot didn’t answer
    • Fixed Bug that bot randomly show that an error occurred although it was no critical one
    • Fixed Bug that the Stats command failed after selecting a platform
    • Fixed Bug that Shop image isn’t visible

    Time of development for this Update: 43h

    Stats Image

    New Stats Image

    V1.2.1 – 09.02.2019

    • Added Auto Challenges
    • Added Maintenance & Restart Info
    • Added Auto Update Challenges
    • Updated Maps
    User Commands
    • !fn donate is now !fn premium Also added some more information
    • Added !fn unlink
    • Added !fn invite
    • Added „Playstation 4“ as ps4 Alias and „Nintendo Switch“ as switch Alias
    • Added Polish by tusiowaty#3352
    • Added Portuguese (Brazil) by Thiago#6136
    • Added Romanian by ES_Vlad.#9494 & NOT_ES_Ana#2610
    • Added Russian by egoruoff#1024
    • Fixed Autoshop & Auto Status

    Time of development for this Update: 20h

    V1.2.0 – 11.01.2019

    • Added Auto Shop
    • Added Auto Server Status
    • Improved Admin Bot Owner Commands for better User Handling
    User Commands
    • Added Hint if User use < and > Brackets in his name
    • Added Hint in !fn shop When the Shop isn’t datamined or the auto shop feature isn’t set up
    • Added new Delete User Invoke Setting in !fn settings which remove the User Command (the Message from the User with eg. !fn map) when the command was fully executed
    • Added new Auto Channel Menu in !fn settings for setup Auto Shop and Auto Server Status
    • Added The Block in !fn rdm name
    • Added Week 4, 5 and 6 Solutions (was added earlier)
    • Improved Command Speed
    • Premium is now in BETA
    • Added Custom Background Menu in !fn settings for setup custom Stats Background
    • Added Priority Auto Shop
    • Added Priority Auto Server Status
    • Added No Ads Setting in !fn settings which disable the Ads in the Footer to vote for the Bot or mention the Bot Helpers
    • Added Ukrainian by Tenevyk#7777
    • Fixed some small typos
    • Fixed Bug that Shop doesn’t update at 00:00 UTC
    • Fixed Bug that Shop date is wrong
    • Fixed Bug that Shop doesn’t update when not all Images are available
    • Fixed Bug that !fn stats won’t be replaced if it’s in another case
    • Fixed Bug that System brake when Shop API is not available

    Time of development for this Update: 32h

    V1.1.0 – 26.12.2018

    • Added new Christmas Snow Map
    • Added thousands separators in Stats Image
    User Commands
    • Added Windows, Mac and MacOS as alias for PC
    • Added !fn shop Command
    • Removed !fn Gaw Command
    • Added French by โ–‘โ–’โ–“โ–ˆ [๐’ž๐’ฎ๐ต] 0๐‘œ๐’ฉ๐’ฏ21๐‘œ0 โ–ˆโ–“โ–’โ–‘#2797
    • Removed Berlin German
    • Fixed Numbers in the circle in stats image
    • Fixed Bug that missing emoji permissions refer not only to the servers but to channel permission as well
    • Fixed Bug that Status will not be displayed correctly

    Time of development for this Update: 22h

    V1.0.2 – 9.12.2018

    • https://bots.discord.pw is now https://discord.bots.gg
    User Commands
    • Added Week 10 Challenge solutions of Season 7 (were added was added earlier)
    • Added Season 7 Locations and Names inย !fn rdm
    • Added Season 7 Map (were added was added earlier)
    • Recodeย !fn statusย with more details, a new look and without loading time

    Time of development for this Update: 8h

    V1.0.1 – 1.12.2018

    • Added Bot to https://discord.boats and https://bots.ondiscord.xyz
    User Commands
    • Added Week 10 Challenge solutions (were added was added earlier)
    • Added !fn GAW for Christmas Giveaway
    • Added DiscordUser Stats Lookup trough User ID (Suggested by DJNeonNight#0001)
    • Improved/Reduced the Command Cooldown
    • Fixed Bug that an Error occurred when the Bot has no „Use External Emojis“ Permissions
    • Fixed Bug that Premium Guild can’t get FN Stats
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when executing a command while the bot was on startup. Commands will now be delayed until the bot is fully started.
    • Fixed Bug which sometimes occurred when deleting a Message from the stats commands, !fn challenge, !fn settings and !fn link

    Time of development for this Update: 6h

    V1.0.0 – 27.11.2018

    • Added Bot to https://discordbotlist.com, https://botsfordiscord.com, https://botlist.space
    • Updated Welcome Message
    User Commands
    • Fortnite Stats will be displayed as an image
    • Added a new Loading Animation for all Commands which need some more time
    • Improved Player Lookup Engine
    • Added !fn for getting Stats from another Discord User
    • Added aliases for ps4 (playstation, psn), for xbox (xbl)
    • Added -c in !fn help to post help in Server Channel instead sending a DM
    • Added Week 6-9 Challenge solutions (was added earlier)
    • Added Fix that when using !fn stats stats will be removed
    • Redesigned Info Message
    • Changed in !fn link Platform to preferred platform
    • Removed Fortnite Mares Challenges (was added was removed earlier)
    • Added Berlin German by laceโ™ก#4085
    • Fixed Bug that Commands can be executed while using !fn link, !fn challenge, !fn settings
    • Fixed Vote Status check
    • Fixed bug that bot react to other bots
    • Fixed Error while lookup a player

    Time of development for this Update: >20h

    Fortnite Map

    V0.7.1 BETA – 26.10.2018

    User Commands
    • Added Fortnite Mares Challenges in !fn challenges
    • Added Week 5 Challenges
    • Fixed Bug that sometimes an error message is sent
    • Fixed Bug that no permissions warn will be sent on mention

    V0.7.0 BETA – 23.10.2018

    User Commands
    • Recorded User Search Engine! Added Playstation Network ID and XBox Gamertag Search
    • Added new Fortnite Map from 6.10 Update
    • Added Week 4 Solutions
    • Added deprecated !fn stats command
    • Permissions warn will now be sent to Server Owner and Command Executor
    • Fixed English & German Help Command

    V0.6.4 BETA – 11.10.2018

    User Commands
    • Added PSN ID and Gamertag Support via Fortnite Tracker API
    • Added Week 3 Challanges
    • Added Leaky Lake in !fn rdm name
    • Redesigned Map
    • Improved Spanish translation

    Fortnite Map

    V0.6.3 BETA – 08.10.2018

    User Commands
    • Added deprecated !fn lang which redirect to the new !fn settings
    • Fixed Bug in !fn info
    • Added Spanish

    V0.6.2 BETA – 06.10.2018

    User Commands
    • Changed weekly challenge time to 1:00 Pm (UTC)
    • Added Week 2 Challenges picture
    • Fixed Bug that Stats Requests in !fn info is not counted
    • Fixed bug that bot not response when user use !fn link but player has no stats
    • Fix some typos

    V0.6.1 BETA – 01.10.2018

    • !fn xbox and !fn ps4 are now case insensitive
    • Fix no response when using !fn 2 or more times in 10 seconds
    • ‚cancel‘ works when using !fn linkFix that no abort icons appears when using !fn link
    • Fix !fn info Command
    • Fix message in manual!fn link
    • Added German

    V0.6 BETA – 29.09.2018

    User Commands
    • Huge Performance Improvement
    • Added !fn challenge Command! – Get the solutions of weekly challenges.
    • Improve !fn link command – Added a Link Assistant
    Admin Commands
    • Removed !fn lang Command
    • Removed !fn togglewarn Command
    • Added !fn settings Command – Replacement for lang and togglewarn Command
    • Added Spanish Language(Will be released in next Days)
    • Improved German + English Language Files (Typos and wrong Language)